Avoid Health Risks With Our Professional Sewer Inspection Camera Video Service

Inspection Camera

The sewers outside and inside your house serve several significant functions. While the drainage systems prevent moisture from damaging the foundations and the basements of your house, sewers remove waste water from it. A choked sewer pipe can cause waste material to overflow into your bathroom leading to several complications. Raw Sewage comprises a mass of biological agents like parasite, viruses, and bacteria, which can cause serious illness and even death in some serious cases. Health effects linked with exposure to sewage and faecal matter are serious and real.

Leaks and clogs are two of the main types of problems that can develop in your sewer and drain systems. Both of them interfere with the effectiveness of your house’s plumbing. Clogs are typically the bigger problem as they finally cause dirty water to back up in your basement, bathtub, and sinks. The problem lies in locating the blockage and removing it. Our sewer cleaning specialists use a sewer camera to locate the blockage. They perform this task by pushing a sewer inspection camera, a specially built waterproof video camera snake through the access points of your pipelines for visual inspection of difficult to reach areas in your sewer pipe. This includes pipes that are beneath the foundation of your home, behind walls, encased in concrete, and underground. Upon detecting the blockage, they attempt dissolve, break up, or otherwise eliminate the clog.

Leaks can form in the pipes of your home and the connection between them for several reasons such as degradation due to age, exposure to extreme temperatures, high water pressure as well as extremely hard water. Hard water contains a concentration of minerals like magnesium and calcium that form hard to clean spots in your plumbing fixtures. Over time, hard water might leave deposits that lead to clogging of your pipes as it decreases the total diameter of the same. Our professional pipe cleaning plumbers use special chemicals to dissolve the mineral deposits.

Pipes deteriorate with age. Chances are that there might not be any blockage in your plumbing but it might contain leaks. Water released from these leaks can damage the foundation of your building or even damage the walls, in case of concealed pipes. The worst part is that you might only be aware of such leakages when you notice moist spots on your walls. Let our professionals visually inspect your pipes for leaks as well, and seal them before the problem gets out of hand. Eliminate sewage pipe related problems before they cause problems to you. Call our friendly staff at (773) 298-1825 today for an obligation free quote.

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