About Us

SewerViewer, Ltd. is a sewer services company. Our business performs diagnosis, evaluation and maintenance and repair for residential, commercial and municipal sewer lines.

Our staff is comprised of dynamic service-oriented individuals who have more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of our industry. Our specialized equipment is capable of televising systems that others cannot and/or will not because they just don’t have the proper tools for such analysis.

We hope to serve you when you are purchasing a new home or business. The sewer system is one of the most expensive problems a person might encounter in a home or business. It is also the most disruptive to normal routines because of the digging involved. Ninety-nine percent of home inspections do not show you your sewer line. You may save thousands of dollars in the future by spending a few dollars before you buy. You will gain peace-of-mind, or valuable information enabling you to negotiate with the seller for a lower price or repairs before you buy.

Think about your huge investment in your new home or business. After the down payment, movers and decorating, who wants to spend thousands of dollars for a sewer repair?

However, if you were to discover a problem, we can schedule a repair time, coordinate the inspection process of your municipality, and assure you that the work was completed correctly the first time.

By appointment only, to better serve our customers. Call (773) 298-1825

William Somerville – William@SewerViewer.com
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