Chicagoland Sewer Services

One Call Satisfies All Your Sewer Service Needs

Sewer lines are one of the most important features of any home or building. Even though you can’t see it, it is working for you every time you turn on a sink, flush a toilet or run a shower. If your sewer line is damaged, collapsed, blocked or otherwise malfunctioning, it needs to be repaired before the problem gets worse.

Our high tech sewer video inspection process reveals the location and nature of the damage without having to dig up or dismantle the pipe. Once our technicians evaluate the situation, they can completely resolve a wide range of sewer line issues. Take care of your home or business by seeking out professional sewer services from SewerViewer.

We offer the following services:

Commercial Video Inspections: In order to evaluate the condition of a sewer line, it is vital to inspect the inside of the pipe. We have rugged and advanced cameras that can travel the length of the pipe and transmit a video feed back to us. Our video inspection process can effectively identify the most common sewer line problems.

Residential Video Inspections: No matter how long you have lived in your home, you have probably never looked at your sewer line. Using specialized equipment, we can access your residential sewer line, send a camera down its length and carefully inspect the footage. This reliable process reveals otherwise invisible sewer problems.

Residential Sewer Repair: When you have issues with your sewer line, our team of professional technicians can locate the source of the problem, plan a repair strategy, handle all of the work and cleanup, and leave you with a strong and fully-functioning sewer line. You can rest assured knowing we are licensed, bonded and insured.

Pre-Purchase Home Inspection: Before you purchase a home, be sure to have the sewer line inspected. Small problems can lead to huge repair projects if they are not identified in time. Our home inspection services can evaluate the condition of a home so you know what shape its sewer line is in.

Sewer Rodding: Having trouble with your sewer lines? After we locate the blockage or sludge causing problems in your sewer lines, we can eliminate the source right away with our sewer rodding services.

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